Android Hidden Features

 Top Hidden Android Features

Google Maps

If you're using Google Maps, instead of constantly double-tapping to zoom in, you can actually double tap once and then slide up accordingly.

Google keyboard or Gboard

G-Board allows you to take a photo of yourself and then turn it into personalized stickers that you can use on almost every social media.

Google lens

You can translate text in real-time and the app uses augmented reality to overlay it into the real world.
It's not quite at the bleeding edge of technology but still pretty cool.

But what I think is even cooler is the fact that you can take a photo of text and then this instantly becomes editable. You can copy it, share it, or even find out more about specific parts of it.

 Augmented Reality 

I was pretty surprised when I found out but just by searching for certain animals on the internet
Google lets you visualize them to scale in the world around you. If nothing else it's a cool party trick.

Google Chrome

Chrome lets you switch between tabs really quickly just by swiping which considering I currently have
about 50 open tabs is pretty handy. If that appeals to you and you are really into your productivity maximization then you might also know that Google Chrome can be used in split-screen.

Dark Mode 

you just need to head into the chrome flags section which houses Google's behind-the-scenes experimental options and enable it there.
Even applications like Facebook Messenger have a dark mode too.

It actually gets a lot better if you head into developer settings where if you've got a Samsung phone running one UI you can set the phone's internal dark theme to sync with the time of day. So everything will be light while the sun's out and dark when you need it to be.

Plus if you're on Android 10 you can actually force dark mode in other apps even when they're not
programmed with it. This includes even WhatsApp.

Taking ScreenShots

If you're the kind of person who takes a lot of screenshots you've probably at some point experienced a hand juggle.. By using an app called Screenshot Assistant. You can remap the screenshot to
just holding down your home button and when you do that you get an instant share button pop-up so you can send that meme as quickly as possible.

Notify Buddy

Notify buddy is an application that gives you your notification LED back. This is a feature that
a lot of phones are losing now with the move to borderless displays but this app uses the pixels inside your screen to recreate that functionality.

Faced Pause

Installing this application allows you to pause games and videos, just by looking away.
It's not something I'm personally going to use but I could see the appeal.


If you hold the enter key, it becomes a mini keyboard for one-handed use. If you then press this icon here, you can freely move the keyboard around within the entire bottom half of your phone.
And if you want full control, you tap these three dots and select floating, it can then be any size and anywhere.


If you want to randomly do anything this app lets you do that. Basically, anything you'd
want to pick randomly from like any letter of the alphabet or any card from a full deck, it can do.
It can even play rock-paper-scissors for you. It's really well done,

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