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 Text & Sticker Bomber ( WhatsApp, Telegram..... Bomber)

Link To The Full Updated App - Download

Here is the YouTube link Which you can see to know how this works and how you can use this.

Unleash an endless torrent of WhatsApp messages on your friends with the new WhatsApp Bomber app! This clever tool lets you send unlimited texts with just one click.

  • Bombard any WhatsApp contact with endless messages
  • Fully customizable message content
  • Schedule automated messaging blasts
  • The ultimate pranking tool

Tired of your annoying friends bombarding you with texts? Turn the tables on them with WhatsApp Bomber! Simply enter the number of any WhatsApp contact and customize the messages you want to send. Schedule relentless barrages of texts, memes, jokes, emojis - whatever you want! WhatsApp Bomber unleashes endless messages automatically, even when you're not using your phone.

Prank your friends and get the last laugh with the most mischievous messaging app ever invented. WhatsApp Bomber puts the power of unlimited messaging mayhem right at your fingertips. Download now and start bombarding!

Here are the steps -

Step 1: Open the App and type your message in the box. If you want to send multiple messages then separate them using '@rv'.

Home Screen

Step 2: If you want to send randomly then select random.

Step 3: Then enter the number of the message you want to send.

Step 4: If you want to send stickers then click on select sticker and then go to Whatsapp Media Folder and select the stickers you want to send.

Screen With Stickers

Step 5: Click on Save and Proceed.

Step 6: Click on Input Setting and Turn on Shypt Solution Keyboard.

Step 7:  Go back and click on Change Keyboard and select Shypt Solution Keyboard.

Whatsapp Setting

Step 8: Open Whatsapp/Telegram go to settings and turn on " Enter Key is Send".

Step 9:  Go to the Chat where You want to spam and click On the WhatsApp/ Telegram Button.

Step 10: Enjoy.

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