Get Link App / Extension / Bot

Get Link is a Chrome Extension, Android App & Bots that allows users to easily share messages/files from their one device to other. This means you can quickly access contents on different devices without having to go through the hassle of opening different platforms like whatsapp, telegram etc when you don't need it.

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How To Use?

1. Download the Get Link App from Play Store and Get Link Extension from Chrome Web Store.2. Signup with your email on CodingKaro and verify your email by clicking on the link received on the email. You can't login without verifying your email.3. Login in both App and Extension with the same account.4. Now you can send message to any device with just one click.5. You can also send message to your friends using Get Link.6. Do not forget to share Get Link with your friends and to rate it on Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store.7. In case you need some help feel free to message me on Twitter.8. In case of any issue please reinstall the App & Extension. The problem may be due to database did not migrated successfully.
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How To Use Get Link Whatsapp Bot?

1. Open Whatsapp and Send "Set Email" to the Get Link bot.2. You will receive an email to verify your account. Click on the link in the email.3. Login with the email and password on any Get Link App or Extension. The email should be same as you have set it through Whatsapp.4. Now you can send message to any device with from Whatsapp as well.
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How To Use Get Link Telegram Bot?

1. Open Telegram and Send "Set Email" to the Get Link bot.2. Follow the same steps as Whatsapp. Telegram bot is currently in migration from our old website, so currently we are unable to provide you with telegram bot. We will provide it soon by the end of May.

Features and Upcoming Features

1. Send message to any device from Whatsapp/Telegram or Get Link App. Links can be opened automatically.2. All the data are stored in the encrypted format. Your data can be decrypted only using your email. No use of common encryption and decryption key for all users.3. You can send message to your friends also.4. Clean and Simple UI.5. In future, you can send files from one device to another and also share it link with anyone for 24 hrs with or without password.6. Open Source, you can see the complete code on Github. You can contribute and request for new features, also report bugs.
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